Quiet Storm - Rafter

Quiet Storm cover

The previous post was a single song, which I guess is a bummer for a blog that promises a free album every weekday. Allow me to offer you some quiet consolation with this album…except for, well, the whole “free” thing. Look, this album is name-your-price with a minimum of 69ยข! It’s less than a pack of gum, for an entire album!

Before Rafter and his pals made this album, they “listened to a lot of black metal demo tapes in the car” which contribute directly to what you hear when this monter muscles its way into your speakers. It’s heartfelt, teenage pop songs that sound like they were played at very high volumes into a tape recorder which was then allowed to languish in the locked trunk of a 1994 Toyota Tercel for an entire southern California summer. And it’s LESS THAN A DOLLAR.