Moon Pearl - Pearl Jams

Moon Pearl Cover

Moon Pearl hates you. Moon Pearl loves you. I’m sorry if it’s confusing, but that’s what I get from this tender little explosive EP. It’s overdriven and heavily distorted pretty much throughout—the guitars are too loud and the drums are definitely too loud and the shouting is overloading the microphone with the loud. But gosh darn if there aren’t sweet little touches—horns, xylophones—floating on top of all that sonic muck. The best connection to anything else I can give you is the scene in Punch Drunk Love where Adam Sandler and Emily Watson talk about how much they are in love and how they just want to destroy each other (it’s a very adorable bit en scene, sounds really bizarre if you haven’t seen it). From what I can tell, this EP is the emotions in that scene as recorded onto tape by a rock band. 

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